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‘Let Me In’ Updates Including New Images

Of course everyone knows the American remake of ‘Let the Right One In‘ will be called ‘Let Me In‘ but there have been quite a few other updates regarding the movie so I thought I’d help get everyone up to speed. The cast has been confirmed with Chloe Moretz playing the role of Abby, the…

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What Do Vampires Look Like?

Over the years vampires have taken on various appearances, be it sophisticated or monstrous. The most popular and well known vampire look mostly due to Bela Lugosi and his role in the old Dracula flick. Christopher Lee and Frank Langella later helped to reinforce Lugosi’s look. You’ve got the male vampire dressed impeccably in classy…

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Hammer Vampire Films

Hammer Studios is a beloved name to hardcore horror movie fans. They completely redefined horror movies, especially those with vampires. A lot of what to see in horror flicks now originally came from the old school Hammer films. So let’s take a trip to the past and check out their legendary vampire movies. Dracula (1958)…

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The Best Known Dracula Movies

Bram Stoker’s influential novel, Dracula, has inspired a ton of movies… seriously, there are SO many Dracula movies. I mean, if you type “Dracula” into the IMDB search bar you get well over a hundred results. While I’m sure there are a bunch of real gems in those results, I’m going to stick with a…

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Vampire Films

There are more than likely thousands of vampire movies out there, but most notably, the movie Blade, about the comic book hero, half vampire, half human, the definitive Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Interview With The Vampire, the debut novel of the Vampire Chronicles authored by Anne Rice made into a film, with it’s sequel, Queen…

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