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A Possible New Movie in the Works: ‘The Last Vampire’

‘The Last Vampire’ Movie In The Works (EXCLUSIVE) Variety “Vampire Academy” producer Michael Preger and his Preger Entertainment are giving more life to the undead, obtaining movie rights to Christopher Pike’s series “The Last Vampire.” Get The…

the night desk’s insight:
It’s been reported we may see yet another best selling vampire series in the theatres based on “the Last Vampire” book from Christopher Pike. How many of you have read the series? Are you excited about the possibly of this becoming a movie?


Vampire Books Coming March 2013

Books! Lots of magnificent vampire books! It’s March my Dear Readers, and it’s time to check out all of the vampire books hitting bookshops this month. There are quite a few goodies coming our way, have a look. (Click titles to view on Amazon) Slashback: A Cal Leandros Novel by Rob Thurman I stopped and…

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Vampire Books Coming August 2011

It’s book time! There are lots of fangtastic books hitting stores this month, and I mean lots. Hurray! Here’s a look at all of the vampire books coming out this August. (Click titles to view on Amazon) Helter Skelter by Bryan Cassiday An anthology that features a wide assortment of horror tales written by Bryan…

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Twilight: the Nu-Vampire

When I told my brother I was watching Twilight to review it, his response was ‘Go chop off your penis, as you clearly don’t deserve it anymore’. My sister, on the other hand, is utterly obsessed with the phenomenon and manages to tear herself away from MSN long enough to read the books at an…

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Christopher Pike Novels to Become New Vampire Film Saga

Whether most of today’s teens have ever heard of Christopher Pike is definitely up for debate; and no, he isn’t the old captain from Star Trek; his real name is actually Kevin McFadden.  Think of R.L. Stine’s novels for older teens. Or if you’re really into teen horror and suspense, maybe you’ll remember Lois Duncan,…

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