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10 Favorite Vampire Costume Ideas

This only a few short months until Halloween arrives, and various gothic masquerades as well as theatrical events and gatherings calling for costumes await the fan of vampire (as well as their kith and kin)! So the time to start planning your vampire costumes is really right now (although, to be honest, when isn’t it…

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Show us your vampire costume

Show Us Your Vampire Costume! What kind of vampire are you dressing up as this Halloween? The sexy vamped out hottie, the fearsome and gory monster, Dracula, one of the Twilight vamps? Or something totally different? Why not show us by sending a photo of your awesome vampire costume to with the title “Vampire…

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Totally Awesome Vampire Costumes!

Halloween month has started! Wooooo! Yup, Halloween month, no way are we having only one day for it on this site. And what shall we discuss in our first Halloween post? Costumes of course. Thanks to the popularity of vampires this year, vampire costumes are expected to be the big seller this season, along with…

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