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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

One of the most renowned vampire films ever made is that of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, directed by F. W. Murnau released in 1922. The film is between 81-94 minutes long, depending on the version you get, and is a silent, black and white film with titles and symphonic accompaniment. The film is appropriately…

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Kurt Barlow & the Mysterious Reggie Nalder

We’ve talked about ‘Salem’s Lot before, –and probably referenced it numerous times. It remains one of the most terrifying, and disturbing, vampire films ever made. The vampires are neither blessed with souls, or romance, or any desire to do good. Kurt Barlow was a testament to the old vampires who don’t want to date your…

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A Vampire’s Fangs

The long canine fangs of a vampire shining in the moonlight right before they sink them into the throat of some poor defenseless human. Sound familiar? Fangs are yet another example of the way in which authors and films have made an otherwise unrelated characteristic one of the most recognized traits of the undead. The…

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Vampires: Girls vs. Boys

What most of the unofficial Feminists Against Vampire Romance Novels organization, –bent on the mass destruction of a fictional theme, –seems to miss in the world of vampires right now, is that normally, chicks are over-represented in vampire literature and cinema. How many badass vampire guys can you think of? Blade, Dracula, Kurt Barlow, Count…

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