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Grave of the Vampire 40th Anniversary Edition Coming Soon to DVD

There’s an old cult classic heading soon to DVD! The 40th Year Anniversary Edition of Grave of the Vampire is coming to DVD March 19, 2013. Originally released in 1972, this film shocked audiences 40 years ago when the young mother of a vampire baby began nursing it with her own blood. Grim and grisly,…

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Review of ‘Suck’

Rock bands and vampires.  They seem to go together, right?  Or, they have ever since Lost Boys when the New World got its very own undead icon (some say perfected in none other than Lestat). Then, along comes an independent movie that did a new take.  Seemingly an obvious one, but it hadn’t been done…

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Blood & Donuts

For some reason, I just never got around to alerting the world about this film, –you can’t even find it on Netflix! And it’s not like it’s an ancient vampire movie (or worse, something made in the 70s), it was released in 1995. The film is, in some ways, almost un-findable, but still a cult…

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