‘The Originals’ Extended Preview For Next Tuesday’s Showdown

The Originals 1×16 Extended Promo/Preview The Originals Season 1 Promo The Originals 1×16 Extended Promo [HD] “The Originals 1×16 Sneak Peek” “The Originals …

the night desk’s insight:
Elijah has always been a family guy, but now he will have to choose who to save, and it looks like he picks his little sister. Klaus is never more treacherous than when he uncovers someone else’s duplicitous behavior. Yet, another “do as I say, not as I do” character flaw Klaus seems to portray season after season. Will Elijah be able to stop Klaus long enough for Rebekah to get away, or at the very least, for him to come to his senses… I hope so. Whom do you think will make it out alive in next week’s episode of ‘The Originals’?

Sneak Peek At Elijah’s First Shirtless Scene On ‘The Originals’

Elijah. Is. Stripping. Down. Oh sorry, did you actually need more information than that to watch The Originals all-new episode on Tuesday, Feb.

the night desk’s insight:
Will this be Elijah’s first shirtless scene when the show returns on Tuesday… we will have to wait and see. Unlike Daniel Gillies other day job on ‘Saving Hope’ where he spends most of his time half dressed, his Elijah persona is more a mystery in the “how hot is your body dept.” I’m not surprised at seeing Hayley’s reaction to Elijah’s less than fully dressed appearance, it is pretty breathtaking, but I have to ask if seeing his impressive form will give Elijah the edge to win the girl. Do you think Elijah’s form will impress or distress Hayley?

The Originals Dish and Joseph Morgan’s Werewolf Sex PSA

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