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Review of ‘Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #1’ (worst comic title EVER)

Really? They couldn’t come up with something better than Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 Issue #1? Maybe something like THE AVENGERS ARE VAMPIRES bababuuuuum! Anyway, this comic series, in which your beloved Marvel heroes become vampires, came out back in 2010… and I am just now reading it, because it just now came out digitally (going…

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Fright Night Updates Plus Casting News

As it has been previously mentioned, a remake of the eighties film Fright Night is in the works. Some new updates have been revealed so here’s what we know so far: Dreamworks has picked up the project with Michael De Luca producing, Craig Gillespie directing and screenwriting duties going to Marti Noxon. Marti Noxon‘s previous…

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