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Review of Argento’s Dracula

The wait is over. Dario Argento‘s version of Dracula is now available and anyone can find a copy of the DVD to judge for themselves.¬† I myself saw it in regular 2D rather than the vaunted format that requires special glasses. Frankly, I dislike 3D so just as well. And how is it? Let us…

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The Problem with Adapting Dracula

The number of times Bram Stoker’s novel ended up as a film continues to grow. In 2012 Italian horror-maestro Dario Argento will unveil his own version, this time in 3D. Not surprisingly, fans are already debating it. Which in turns leads to discussions (arguments) about all the different Draculas out there. Charles E. Butler even…

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Dracula 3D Begins Filming

Filming has begun on a new version of Dracula, directed by none other than the maestro of stylish gore–Dario Argento! How do we know? Well, for one thing because a star of the film tweeted as much. Asia Argento, daughter of the great director and veteran of her father’s Phantom of the Opera (among many…

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Vampire Wish List 2011

With the New Year comes reflections of what was, and with them contemplations of what may yet be. Along those lines, allow me to share some personal wishes for vampire films and media in the upcoming year–and invite you to share yours. First, let the character of Pam on “True Blood” find a love interest….

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The Very Many Faces of Mina Murray

Adaptations of Bram Stoker’s most famous novel often reveal more about the adapters — and about their times — than they do about Stoker or his work. Case in point: Mina Harker, nee Murray. Looking at the novel itself, we find a character who seems very much a yin to her best friend Lucy Westenra‘s…

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