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The Little Vampire

The Little Vampire is an adorable film. It might be for kids, but I’m an adult an I still love this movie. It’s brilliant, and it’s one of the few kid-friendly vampires. It even has vampire cows! Some of the movie is a little ridiculous, like the explanation of how the vampires can magically become…

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Come Goth, Come All

Two weeks ago, some friends and I ventured off onto the streets of the concrete jungle (otherwise known as New York City) to celebrate a birthday. We had an entire check-list of things to do and had eagerly anticipated running into local celebrities. However, there was one stop on our route that we couldn’t miss…

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Going Goth

The gothic lifestyle is shrouded in mystery and darkness. It is also misconceived that people who lead this kind of life act, dress, and live a specific way. I took the time to interview two pupils who take interest in everything Goth, to see if some of the mysticism can disappear from our minds. Here’s…

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