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The Many Faces of Erzebet Bathori

Other than Vlad the Impaler, surely the one historical figure most often assumed to have been a vampire is Erzebet Bathori (Elizabeth Bathory), a 17th century Hungarian Countess and serial killer. One can understand why, especially given the gothic trappings added to an already horrific life story. For the record, she did not bathe in…

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Top Ten Lesbian Vampires

Go to any search engine of your choice and type in the phrase “Lesbian Vampire.” The results will include a fair amount of scholarly essays, pure porn, a Wikipedia article, reviews to more than a few very cheap movies (as well as some of much higher quality), places where you can purchase anthologies as well…

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Film Flashback: Daughters of Darkness

Today’s classic film is Daughters of Darkness, also known as Le Rouge aux Levres (The Lips of Red). It came out back in 1971, and is definitely one of the darker vampire films out there. Daughters of Darkness was directed by Harry Kumel and stars Delphine Seyrig, Daniele Quimet and John Karlen (who was in…

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