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OH No! Anything But Water!

Vampires hating water is a pretty common old myth. You’ve got loads of classic movies and books documenting vampires being stopped by water (the 1972 Dracula film and Dracula: Prince of Darkness to name a few). But was this idea created by modern authors and screen play writers? Nope, this has been around for ages….

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Tattered Star T-Shirts – Very Cool, Ghoul

I just recently got a couple Tattered Star t-shirts in the mail, and I have to say, I’m pretty effing thrilled with them. The guys over at Tattered Star have a pretty awesome selection of monster shirts, with witty sayings on them, you know. Example, one of my shirts says “Conserve Water, Drink Blood”– how…

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The Terrifying Lost Journal

Vampyre: The Terrifying Lost Journal of Dr. Cornelius Van Helsing is an older book but totally worth mentioning. While the intended age group is 9-12 year olds it is most definitely a book for kids, teens and even adults. Since most book love is directed at adult-intended, more serious books, I thought it was about…

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Why Do We Love Vampires?

Vampires are increasingly popular these days and it makes one wonder, why? What is it about vampires that we all love so much? Obviously everyone is different and everyone has their own reasons for liking something. The love for vampires isn’t the same, there isn’t one straight forward answer for why they are so popular,…

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Vampire Films

There are more than likely thousands of vampire movies out there, but most notably, the movie Blade, about the comic book hero, half vampire, half human, the definitive Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Interview With The Vampire, the debut novel of the Vampire Chronicles authored by Anne Rice made into a film, with it’s sequel, Queen…

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Vampires in Literature

In fiction of course, the epidemy of vampire literature, would be Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. There were sexual undertones, of course, relaying vampirism to be a sort of sexually transmitted disease. Its themes of blood, death, and sex made it’s way to Victorian Europe, rattled because of the spread of tuberculosis and syphilis. But the vampire…

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Vampire Abilities and Flaws

The abilities of a vampire are numerous, and naturally depends on what vampire is in what area, for one to know what kind of things they might be capable of. For example; many species of vampire are not know to be able to fly, however, the bruxsa in Portugal, the lansuir in Malaysia, and aswang…

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