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Knuckle Supper, by Drew Stepek

Before climbing on top of this mechanical bull of a book, I’d like to say that I have a deep appreciation for reality; which is why I am of two separate minds about the book and the attitude with which is was written (at least partially). On one side of the coin, vampires are fictitious…

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2010: A Year of Vampires

This was a big year for vampires; they’ve been everywhere. When 2010 began, vampire fans were enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready for a year of vampire madness. It wasn’t unfounded; the vampire had a lot of potential this year, with so many people ready to gobble up whatever the entertainment industry decided to cook up, as…

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Interview with Drew Stepek on Knuckle Supper

“Yeah, I suppose we’re vampires, but more importantly we’re junkies and gangster motherfuckers.” Knuckle Supper brings horror back to the vampire genre. It tells the story of drug-addicted gangster vampires who tear a man to pieces in the first few pages of the book. It’s a blood-drenched story that reflects the darkness in the human…

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