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A Trip into the World of Ravenloft

I’ve spent some time researching the game Ravenloft, however, I must say it goes a bit over my head. I’m not a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fan, in fact, (even though I fear the responses this statement may generate) I actually didn’t even know what D&D was until I began research for this article. To…

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Vampire Characters: More than Adventurers with Fangs?

Table top role-playing games are most often recognized in the form of Dungeons & Dragons, even amongst individuals who are regularly involved in this form of gaming and role-playing.  It often includes high fantasy adventure with Lord of the Rings-esque plot-lines and characters, involving the fate of the world, a kingdom’s destiny, or a princess…

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Vampire Role-Playing Games

Thanks to a reader asking for a post about RPGs via our Twitter, I am bringing you guys a list of a few of the best known vampire tabletop RPGs out there (you‘d have a million pages to read if I covered them all). If there’s anything you guys are ever interested in us writing…

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