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Review of Twixt

At this stage in his career, Francis Ford Coppola only pursues very personal projects. He likes making arty, almost ‘student’ films. Twixt he made around his Napa Valley home in 2011 starring Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning (sister of Dakota who played Jane in Twilight) and Bruce Dern. Yes, it tells a tale of vampires. Or…

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Vampire Tarot

Tarot cards have been a part of the occult almost since they were created. Originally, the Tarot were playing cards used for games in France and Italy, but even playing cards have been used for divinatory purposes almost since their creation. As the centuries have passed, and anything to do with magic and divination was…

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Tattered Star T-Shirts – Very Cool, Ghoul

I just recently got a couple Tattered Star t-shirts in the mail, and I have to say, I’m pretty effing thrilled with them. The guys over at Tattered Star have a pretty awesome selection of monster shirts, with witty sayings on them, you know. Example, one of my shirts says “Conserve Water, Drink Blood”– how…

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