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Who Else Could Play Selene?

On the heels of news regarding a fifth Underworld feature being written, more news comes of a whole new re-boot of the series as a whole! The Hollywood Reporter says Gary Goodman (who wrote the screenplay for Priest) has been hired for the job. Of course this might be a mistake–perhaps Goodman is working (or…

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Exclusive Interview with E. B. Hood, Melabeth author

I wanted to come up with some interesting questions to ask E.B. Hood, the author of Melabeth. ┬áThe first question below may seem a little rude out of context, but it is based on some research I did as to what question an author would like to be asked, and a commentary I saw from…

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Who Should Play Carmilla?

Two film versions of “Carmilla” are in some stage of production right now. A stage play based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s last work just opened in Chicago. With the number of Draculas numbering in the dozens, little wonder those interested in the genre find this female literary predecessor increasingly interesting. The current wave of…

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