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Katherine And Elena’s Bat Fight Makes EW’s Best Of 2013 List

In The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 finale, Elena Gilbert finally came face-to-face with Katherine, a.k.a.the night desk’s insight:This year Entertainment Weekly has added the fight for survival between Katherine and her doppelganger Elena as one of the b…


EW in Hot Water For Trashing Breaking Dawn

I have received my fair share of hate mail from Twi-hards after bashing Twilight, lots of it. But nowhere near the amount that Entertainment Weekly is getting after one of their writers trashed the hell out of Breaking Dawn Part 1. The biggest entertainment news source hating on one of the most popular franchises is…

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Vote for the Ultimate Sexy Beast! has a big bad competition going on for the sexiest beast! Hell yea! This battle of the hotties features all sorts of creatures like vampires, mutants, werewolves and more. All of these gorgeous beasties come from our favorite shows and movies such as Twilight, True Blood, X-men, Buffy, Star Trek and so on. EW’s…

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Laurell K. Hamilton Talks ‘Bullet’

Even though I am a huge Anita Blake fan, I admit that when I read the plot for Bullet I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping for something a little different. But, I recently read Laurell K. Hamilton’s interview with Entertainment Weekly on the new book and damn, now I can’t wait to pick…

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