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Bites Most Erotic

Regardless of how folklore portrayed them, in our imaginations the vampire radiates sex appeal.  With certain exceptions to be sure.  Yet by and large we see a sexual, erotic element to the seduction of a victim, the clandestine visit to his or her bedroom, a beautiful creature with lust-filled eyes placing their mouth upon someone’s…

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Porn Does Dracula

Bram Stoker, most commentators and biographers agree, saw nothing erotic in his now-classic novel.  At least he’d admit to nothing like that.  Some have agreed in the interim, but they make up a minority.  Popular imagination casts Count Dracula as the world’s ultimate seducer, a demonic Cassanova irresistible to women. No surprise then, when the…

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Fleur de Feu

Some spoilers follow. I am a huge fan of British author Tanith Lee.  Her Tales of the Flat Earth for example make for one of the most original epic fantasies (if you can call them that) ever.  Likewise her books about the vampiric family the Scarabae as well as an undead re-telling of Snow White…

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