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Biting Critique: Vampire Lore as Vehicle For Social Commentary

With the 6th season of True Blood having just concluded, and with fans eager for new episodes, it’s fascinating to reflect on the bevy of issues the show has addressed over the course of its run, including: xenophobia; subjugated groups gaining tolerance in an increasingly permissive society; humanity’s constant struggle to reconcile animalistic urges with…

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Murnau the Vampire

If you happen to find yourself looking for something cute with fangs to coo over, look no further than Oscar Alvarado´s ‘Murnau the Vampire‘. Named after F. W. Murnau, director of the classic silent vampire film Nosferatu, Murnau the Vampire is an animated retelling of the classic novel Dracula with a twist. The animated short…

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Germany and Vampires

Germany is home to many vampire traditions, legends and beliefs each varying throughout cultures and time. With their dark dismal forests and towering ruined castles it’s not hard to imagine how so many vampire myths were born here. Germany is one of the many countries with it own unique vampire species, such as the nachzehrer,…

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The Best Known Dracula Movies

Bram Stoker’s influential novel, Dracula, has inspired a ton of movies… seriously, there are SO many Dracula movies. I mean, if you type “Dracula” into the IMDB search bar you get well over a hundred results. While I’m sure there are a bunch of real gems in those results, I’m going to stick with a…

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