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The Black Veil: A Vampire’s Code of Conduct

While researching real vampires – sanguinarian vampires, people who feed upon human blood; and psychic vampires, people who feed upon the energy of others – I came across a code of ethics, a guide of etiquette created for the greater vampire community for those that wish to follow it. Originally written in 1997 by Father…

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Vampire Books Coming March 2012

It’s that wonderful time again! That time we take a look at all of the fangtastic vampire book being released this month! There are some excellent books hitting store shelves this March – books by newbie authors and books by your favorite bestsellers, everything from fiction to non-fiction this month.  Have a look at all…

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The Art of Fangsmithing

For over 20 years now the term ‘fangsmithing’ has been growing in popularity. I know we’ve talked about Father Sebastiaan’s reality show Fangshop, based on Sabretooth Fangsmithing, but I’d like to talk more about fangsmithing in general rather than about the world’s most famous fangsmith. Fangsmithing is the art of creating dental pieces to either…

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Interview with the Vampyre

Father Sebastiaan is considered by many to be the head of the international Vampyre community. He seems to be found all over the globe, yet somehow remains an elusive character. Who is he behind the rockstar persona he projects? Considering that he is impresario for the Endless Night Vampire Ball (New Orleans, New York, Paris,…

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