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If I Were A Vampire…

When I was 14, reading Anne Rice for the first time, I constantly daydreamed about becoming a vampire and all the adventures I would have. But the years passed, I moved out of the parent’s house, grew up, and now instead of thinking of a life as a vampire, I think about bills, work, and…

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If Vampyres Were Real

Recently I was having a discussion on asking the question, if vampires were real what book would you want it to be like? There were different replies here and there, but what caught my eye was this one comment that said she wanted it to be like Twilight. :groan: Ok, fine, I can deal…

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Does Blood Make A Vampire?

What does a vampire feed on? Blood. Simple answer right? Well, not so much. Does a being really need to drink blood before they are considered a vampire? Or is it the act of taking anything part of a victim’s body that makes one a vampire? Take psychic vampires for example, they do not feed…

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An Interesting Theory on Where the Blood Goes

We all know that when a vampire bites a victim, the venom or blood (depending the theory, etc. etc.) from the vampire enters the human’s bloodstream and either poisons them until they die or until it has transformed their bloodstream and body so that they too, are now vampire. But, where does the blood go…

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