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Vampire Book Challenge!

Being the bibliophile that I am, I love to read, write and talk about books. I am a hardcore book junkie. That said, we’re having ourselves a fangtastic vampire book discussion today! Actually, it’s a bit of a book challenge. I challenge you, my wonderful readers, to list off three vampire books and share a…

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2010: A Year of Vampires

This was a big year for vampires; they’ve been everywhere. When 2010 began, vampire fans were enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready for a year of vampire madness. It wasn’t unfounded; the vampire had a lot of potential this year, with so many people ready to gobble up whatever the entertainment industry decided to cook up, as…

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GIVEAWAY and Interview with Flynn Meaney!

Bloodthirsty, the debut novel by author Flynn Meany, tells the tale of sixteen-year-old Finbar, an awkward kid that goes unnoticed by most people. But that all changes when he decides to pretend to be a vampire in order to attract the vamp-obsessed girls at school. As a huge fan of this book (read my review…

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Review: Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meany is about Finbar, a shy and awkward 16-year-old that discovers one big truth – girls LOVE vampires. So what’s a teenage boy to do? Well in Finbar’s case, he pretends to be a vampire in hopes that it will make him more popular and desirable with the ladies. What follows next…

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