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Science Fiction Undead

Go to virtually any bookstore and a seemingly odd decision awaits your eyes. Amid Biography, Western, Romance, Self Help and loads of other genres, two invariably get lumped together–Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yet as fans of either (or both) can tell you, many are the differences between the two. Why then group them together? An…

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Something is Missing

Something is missing at  I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but then it virtually slapped me (ouch!) right in the face.  It’s you!  We’re usually always keeping up with the latest news, and mixing in some well-researched folklore.  Apart from the occasional comments asking us to turn you into a vampire,…

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Gello: Child Eating Demoness

Gello exists in several cultures, under several names, such as Gyllou, Gylou, Gillo; many folklore experts and historians believe the Gello is the source of many vampire beliefs. Gello is a female demon that causes infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, and an eater of children. Walter Burkert, an expert on ancient mythology, established a link between the…

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Pey and Peymakilir

What better place for a bloodthirsty vampire to feed than a battleground? One of the vampires of India and Hindu mythology chooses to haunt the wars and battles, waiting to feed on fallen soldiers. These creatures. called the Pey, or Peymakilir, are vampires of southern India, in Tamil. India has many different vampires, and this…

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