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Being Human- Series One

Mitchell and George are two ordinary guys. They both work as porters in a hospital in Bristol and share a house together. Well, maybe Mitchell and George aren’t exactly ordinary guys considering that Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. Oh, and the house they rent together? It just happens to be haunted…

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Spike: Shadow Puppets

It’s been some time now since the end of Angel season five and Spike has decided he’s had enough of teamwork, it’s high time he strike out on his own. After all, he is a champion. Setting up shop and a small apartment Spike seems to be enjoying the life of a freelancer, that is…

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Being Human Season 2 to Air On BBC America in July

That’s right, the long wait for the second season of Being Human in the US is almost over. As of Saturday July 24, Being Human Season 2 shall premiere following the season finale of Doctor Who on BBC America. From the official BBC America website: The highly anticipated second season of BBC AMERICA’s co-production, Being…

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