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5 Tips For Attracting A Hottie Victorian Vampire

So you want to attract a Victorian vampire, eh?the night desk’s insight:Now this is just awesome! Check out the tips and tell me what you think. I personally think I could not have come up with a better list than these guys did… and let’s face it, wh…


Review: Kiss of the Butterfly

“I sense it even now. People thirst for it; the entire country is mad with desire for it…” A dying man’s cryptic letter catapults California college student Steven Roberts on a mystery-shrouded quest into the labyrinth of the war-torn Balkans. Singled out for the task by an enigmatic professor, Steven overcomes his doubts and plunges…

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The Most Mysterious Dracula

It is an iconic movement, an action in vampire films re-created many times. The motion pictures “Fright Night” and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” both had their versions. For many, it remains one of the most memorable events in the first great film of one genre–as well as being a landmark in at least two others. Graf…

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Germany and Vampires

Germany is home to many vampire traditions, legends and beliefs each varying throughout cultures and time. With their dark dismal forests and towering ruined castles it’s not hard to imagine how so many vampire myths were born here. Germany is one of the many countries with it own unique vampire species, such as the nachzehrer,…

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Vampire Bites: Vampire Protesters, Stephenie Meyer, Christian Movie, Miley Cyrus

Vampires Protest Bankers in Frankfurt, Germany – Even vampires are angry about the recession! In Frankfurt, Germany, vampires on stilts, –yes, stilts, –help picket signs and hollered angrily at bankers arriving for Euro Finance Week. The vampires’ signs read “First lesson for today: Lehman losers need repay”, in reference to the fall of the Lehman…

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The Double Sucker

For today’s vampire lore we’ll be going back to beautifully dark land of Germany to cover yet another devilish German vampire species, the Dubbelsüger. This particular type of vampire is found in northern Germany, in the region of Hannover. The Dubbelsüger’s name translates to “double sucker,” and it comes from the belief that a child,…

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The Nightmarish Alp

Germany. A mecca for goth culture, once a land of mystery and intrigue, from the sinister Black Forest to the haunting gothic castles. Once called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers), Germany is home to many a myth and legend. Many of the old school folk tales originated from…

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