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Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension!

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, yes? We know this. From the rat-like mummy Graf Orlock to the drop dead gorgeous creatures of Twilight. More, we know some are aliens. The vampires of Doctor Who for example, as well as the shape-shifting super-psychics of Lifeforce and of course the green alien title character from…

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Cliche it may be, but who can doubt the internet created a whole new venue for amateur writers to put their work out there? In other words, the world-wide web proved a godsend for fan fiction. Or maybe from the other end of metaphysical spectrum, depending upon one’s view of the topic! Contrary to popular…

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The Most Mysterious Dracula

It is an iconic movement, an action in vampire films re-created many times. The motion pictures “Fright Night” and “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” both had their versions. For many, it remains one of the most memorable events in the first great film of one genre–as well as being a landmark in at least two others. Graf…

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