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Gello: Child Eating Demoness

Gello exists in several cultures, under several names, such as Gyllou, Gylou, Gillo; many folklore experts and historians believe the Gello is the source of many vampire beliefs. Gello is a female demon that causes infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, and an eater of children. Walter Burkert, an expert on ancient mythology, established a link between the…

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The Mischievous Kythnos Vampire

Today’s vampire tale is of a rude and mischievous lil’ vampire named Andilaveris and this vamp was one that caused all sorts of trouble on the small Greek island of Kythnos. You see, most of the vampires on the island of Kythnos had been destroyed over time and no new vamps were created due to…

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Leech Lover Facts: Part 1

There are loads of totally random, weird, strange and wonderful vampire facts. An assortment of delicious little tidbits for vampire fans to sink their fangs into. So here is the first part of what will no doubt be a running series. Some silly, devilish and unbelievable vampire facts… Fishnets: Yup, fishnets. Nets used to catch…

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Santorini and the Vrykolakas

Believe it or not, the picturesque country of Greece was once believed to be the most vampire infested of all the world. Specifically the island of Santorini was said to be the home of countless undead, mainly the dreaded Vrykolakas. If you were to look up information on Santorini Island you would be amazed that…

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