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Top 10 Vampire Stereotypes Explained

Thanks to today’s date – 10.10.10 – we’re bringing you a top 10 list, because really, what day is better than today? After thousands of years of history, the vampire has earned itself countless well-known legends and when you mix in the stereotypes created by the entertainment world you have even more.  Many folks have…

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Nature Against Vampires

Do you have roses in your garden? If you do it’s most likely because they look pretty and smell fantastic. And do you have any trees in your yard? Chances are they were put there for privacy and to make your yard look nicer. The same goes for those other flowers, shrubs, and bushes surrounding…

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Poison and Blood

What do you get when you mix massive birds, large talons, bloodlust and breasts full of poison? The ancient Roman creature known as the strix! The strix (plural: striga) is a legendary creature from Roman mythology. Often depicted as a screech owl, this vampire-like creature is a nocturnal bird of ill omen that feds on…

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Destruction: Hawthorn

This is a post for all of you would-be vampire hunters – you know who you are. We have mentioned in past posts the various means of destroying a vampire, and today I am going to go a little more in depth with one method – staking a vampire with a stake made of hawthorn….

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Safety from Vampires!

It’s so reassuring to me that in legends, vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them! That makes them almost safer than humans! Humans who bear you ill will can smash in through a window, charge through your wall with a chainsaw, and such. Vampires can’t touch you if you’re safe and cozy inside….

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