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Aztecs, Bloodthirsty Culture

The Aztecs were a pretty bloodthirsty culture. And their myths included many bloodthirsty deities who were very similar to vampires. One lord of the underworld was similar to a vampire, as he fulfilled his hunger by devouring the souls of the dead. The cihuateteo of Aztec lore were the creatures who were most similar to…

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The Undead Heart

The heart, one of the most important parts of our being, as well as a vampire’s. Without it, how would that delicious blood pump throughout their entire body? It’s well known to be the source of power for a vampire, and its removal or destruction is usually all that is needed to destroy them. Therefore,…

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Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown was a suspected vampire, famous for having her heart cut out of her corpse. Hers is perhaps one of the most famous cases of exhumation of a vampire, especially for being so recent. Mercy Lena Brown was born and died in Exeter, Rhode Island. In 1892, a little over a hundred years ago….

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