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Moonlight’s Top 10 Favorite Vampires

Due to my love of vampires and my love of making lists (I’m hardcore like that) I am making a list of my personal favorite vampires. I’ve been seeing these lists pop up all over the interwebs lately, and I feel like joining in on the list-making fun. And of course, I ask you to…

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Gumshoes of the Night

Detective fiction, according to some, is dying. At least on the printed page, as readers increasingly demand only one type of such story (Police Procedural, Locked Door, etc.) and refuse to glance at any others. Maybe. But in terms of other media, the detective genre remains alive and kicking. Sometimes, undead and kicking. “Forever Knight”…

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Bad Undead Boys

Honestly, I didn’t like the movie “The Lost Boys.” Yes, the music and cinematography were both fantastic, but like too many movies then and now the lead character was boring. Since he didn’t involve me, I didn’t care what happened to him. More, the story didn’t feel like a story. More like a series of…

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Blood Ties’ Henry Fitzroy Coming Back to TV!

A few years ago the vampire TV series Blood Ties ran, unfortunately the show ended after only two seasons. The show, based on the book series by Tanya Huff was set in Toronto and followed Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox), a former cop who left the force to become a private investigator after she started to…

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List of VILF (Vampires I’d Like to F**k)

Vampires ooze sexuality and desire – the power, the experience, the breathtaking sexiness – what’s not to love about them? Here’s my personal list of the top 10 vampires I’d love to spend a night, or two, with. Leave a comment and let us know who would be on your list, or even who would…

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Blood Ties

With the season two DVD release of Blood Ties coming up (October 6) I thought I’d give the underrated vampire crime show some love. Blood Ties is a Canadian show based on the Blood Books by Tanya Huff (the books rock all things awesome, so check them out). It premiered in the United States on…

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