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5 Places to Have a Historic and Eerie Vampiric Adventure

My idea of a perfect vacation is a trip full of history, gorgeous architecture, and haunting landscapes. I adore ancient ruins taken over by nature, cemeteries so timeworn you can no longer read the names engraved upon the headstones, breathtaking castles and old cities and towns bursting with historic and stunning landmarks.  This is what…

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The Vampire Research Society

Have any of you ever considered starting a vampire research group? You wouldn’t be the first. Nope, in fact on February 2, 1970 the Vampire Research Society was founded by Sean Manchester (pictured above). At the time of its founding, Manchester was the director of an occult investigation bureau, which is now non-operational. For the…

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The Highgate Vampire

History time! Today’s post won’t be about vampire lore though, but rather a vampire event that happened a while back …and by a while back I mean 1970. Today you’ll learn about a modern case of vampire hysteria, the Highgate Vampire. There have been loads of vampire hysteria cases throughout history, where there was a…

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