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Review of ‘Bled’

Bled came out in 2009, one of those straight-to-dvd flicks made by earnest filmmakers who don’t find distribution from a major studio.  As such it belongs in the same category as Suck or Sundown The Vampire in Retreat or (a generation or so past) Lets Scare Jessica to Death. A voice over begins the tale….

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What the heck is a vampire, anyway?

  All this talk about vampires, but what the heck is a vampire anyway? The definition has changed so much over time, that what once was considered a vampire is now called something else. The original European vampires were more like what we would call zombies today. Vampires have been based on demons and ghoulish…

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Psychic Vampires

A psychic vampire is not actually a vampire who happens to be psychic, since most vampires are reputed to have the powers of seers, or psychics in any case. A psychic vampire has many different synonymous names, such as an energy vampire, psy/psi-vamp, psionic vampire, energy parasite, pranic vampire, empathic vampire, or energy predator. What…

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