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Archeologists Discover Vampire Skeletons in Ireland

Hundreds of years ago when the fear of vampire was very real, a common belief in many countries was that vampires not only fed on blood, but that they also spread the plague. At the time villagers took an assortment of precautions to keep vampires from terrorizing them, everything from putting a brick in a…

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The Irish Redcap

In nearly every book of vampire folklore I have ever read, each mentions the Irish goblin the Redcap. While the redcap isn’t exactly a vampire, many like to call it the vampire’s “cousin” due to its need for blood in order to survive, like a vampire. A redcap is a sickly thin goblin found in…

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The Giant’s Grave

Once upon a time in Derry, Ireland lived a dwarf named Abhartach. Now this was no ordinary dwarf, this dwarf was a magician and a vile tyrant. After committing many horrible cruelties he was at last vanquished by a neighboring chieftain, said to be Fionn Mac Cumhail. The wicked dwarf’s body was then buried in…

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