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Sneak Peak: Styria

We’ve covered the upcoming motion picture Styria for over a year. This marks the first major film adaptation of Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla since 1989 (the Nightmare Classics version)! This week I was invited to a private screening of the current edit of the film. A few things remained unfinished. One or two scenes haven’t…

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Interview With “Styria” Director (Part One)

Mark Devendorf is one of two writers/directors deep in post production of the latest adaptation of Le Fanu’s classic vampire tale “Carmilla.” His version, titled “Styria,” stars Stephen Rhea (“Interview With The Vampire” “V for Vendetta”) and Eleanor Tomlinson (“The Illusionist” “Alice in Wonderland”). He very kindly sat down to answer my questions. Most film…

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