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Make Believe

Shoulda Woulda Coulda… Make believe is fun. In fact without it this delightful thing we call fiction simply would not exist. So let us now make-believe–as in “let us create a belief”–some beloved or well-known characters to be undead. Why not? For one, Sherlock Holmes. Leaving aside that the physical description of him is perilously…

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The Second Most Famous Dracula

No other actor has played the part of Count Dracula in so many films. As a consequence, none other has gazed into so many initially hesitant sets of eyes belonging to beautiful women–Caroline Munro, Barbara Hershey, Linda Hayden, Veronica Carlson to name just a few. So many plunging necklines! So many throats to ravish! Yet–curiously–so…

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On the Lighter Side

Didn’t think that vampires have a sense of humor? Sure, they enjoy the same yuk-yuks that we all do! Here are some of the best vampire jokes that we could find. Let us know what joke you tell when you seeĀ a certain vamp looking pretty glum. What is Transylvania? Dracula’s Terror-tory! What kind of boat…

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