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Vampire Books Coming October 2012

It’s Halloween month! It’s also that time to take a look at all of the vampire books coming out this October. Thanks to this being the biggest horror month of the year, there are loads of vampire books hitting bookstores soon. So grab yourself a hot drink, light some eerie candles and check out all…

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Review of I, Vampire Issue #1

Ever since I heard about DC’s massive 52-comic reboot I was uber geeked, especially since one of the many comics they were bringing back was the vamptastic classic I, Vampire. The first issue of the new I, Vampire was released months and months ago but due to a serious lack of comic shops in my…

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‘I, Vampire’ Release Dates Announced

A few months back I wrote about DC Comics’ giant reboot, the project that was seeing 52 brand new #1 issues of classic comics with all new artists and writers. On that long list of upcoming comics is I, Vampire, and at long last we have more news on the fangtastic comic – like new…

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