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Vampire Books that People Can’t Stop Talking About

Another book post, because I love me some books. Onwards! I recently discovered that Amazon lets you see the “most reviewed” books when you do a search. Of course I had to check out the most reviewed vampire books, and oddly enough, I was a bit surprised by the books that came up. People LOVE…

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Give a Book for All Hallow’s Read 2012

It’s that magnificent time of year again! It’s All Hallow’s Read! Yay! All Hallow’s Read is a Halloween tradition created by the brilliant author Neil Gaiman. In the week of Halloween, or on the night itself, you give someone a scary book. Simple! It could be a loved one, a friend, or hey, even a…

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Top Vampire Dystopian Novels

With the huge success of The Hunger Games trilogy, dystopian novels have become a must-read for all the book lovers. We crave more dark, dreary and heartbreaking dystopian futures like in Katniss’ world, and you can get them Dear Readers – with vampires. There are quite a few impressive vampire dystopian novels out now and…

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Matt Reeves to Film Another Vampire Movie

Matt Reeves — the director of the hugely popular vampire film ‘Let Me In,’ the second movie adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel — is set to make not only another adaptation based on a book, but another vampire movie! He must really dig vampires, huh? Fox 2000 has picked Matt Reeves to direct The…

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2010: A Year of Vampires

This was a big year for vampires; they’ve been everywhere. When 2010 began, vampire fans were enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready for a year of vampire madness. It wasn’t unfounded; the vampire had a lot of potential this year, with so many people ready to gobble up whatever the entertainment industry decided to cook up, as…

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Fangtastic Books Coming Soon To A Store Near You!

If you’ve been to the book store recently you may have noticed that vampires have taken over the shelves (and possibly the world), but it doesn’t stop there, more fang-filled books are on the way! Here’s a peek at a few of them: Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story by Adam Rex About…

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