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Exciting Dark Shadows Updates

An important supporting character in the new film version of “Dark Shadows” has been cast.  Ivan Kaye will play Joshua Collins, father of the central character Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp).  Kaye has played a variety of roles before now, including Ludovico Sforza on Showtime’s “The Borgias” as well as the recurring character of Dr. Jonathan…

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Christopher Lee in Dark Shadows

So much news about the upcoming “Dark Shadows” film! Some confirmed, some not. To begin, there was indeed a panel at ComicCon about the new movie, hosted by Hermes Press and including Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott (the original Angelique and Maggie respectively). They were able to confirm that not only is Jonathan Frid…

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Dark Shadows Update

“Dark Shadows,” the vampire-theme collaboration by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp continues filming, with generally a lot of security surrounding the process. This has continued to spawn rumors and sometimes outrage amongst some fans of the original series. More than one person associated with the production, for example, have used the word “funny” to describe…

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