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Why Lesbian Vampires?

For all practical purposes, the trope Vampire Lesbian emerged with Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s novella “Carmilla.” Eventually, with the rise of a new medium–motion pictures–an adaptation of that story appeared. “Crypt of the Vampire” became one of the still-relatively few such. The trope, however, could be seen in “Dracula’s Daughter” as well as the eerie “Vampyr.”…

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The Original Lamia

One of the earliest beings to show some serious vampire-like characteristics is the ancient lamia, a usually female or hermaphroditic demon that prowled the night looking for tasty humans. She’s described as having the head and breasts of a woman, but the lower body of a snake. Her favorite snack was sleeping babies whom she…

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Gello: Child Eating Demoness

Gello exists in several cultures, under several names, such as Gyllou, Gylou, Gillo; many folklore experts and historians believe the Gello is the source of many vampire beliefs. Gello is a female demon that causes infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, and an eater of children. Walter Burkert, an expert on ancient mythology, established a link between the…

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Vampire Names Throughout Europe and the UK

Whether they’re told as common folklore, or believed to be real terrors and creatures that roam the earth, there are many names for vampires and vampire beings throughout the world. Here are some common vampire names that send a tingle up one’s spine throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Bruja: This creature took the form…

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