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Leech Lover Facts: Part 7

It has been a whole two years since I last did a Leech Lover post! Two years! Gasp! Anyway, for those new to Leech Lover Facts, it’s really just a random collection of vampire information. Feeding vampiric knowledge into those bloodthirsty brains of yours. Let’s get to it… BLUE In Greek folklore the color blue…Continue readingLeech Lover Facts: Part 7


Leech Lover Facts: Part 2

It’s time again for more delicious little bits of vampire information. Another handful of totally random vampire info, covering ancient lore to new and modern facts. If you missed it, check out part one here. Nosferatu: This word doesn’t mean “not dead” like many believe; it actually means “plague-carrier.” Blackthorn: Traditionally a powerful protection against…Continue readingLeech Lover Facts: Part 2