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LTROI series for A&E

First there was a best-selling novel, which became a wildly popular film in its native Sweden.  Then an English-language adaptation, a Swedish-language play, following by an English-language play performing first in Edinburgh then London then New York.  Now Let The Right One In is slated to join the line-up of A&E.  Teen Wolf  writers Jeff…

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Let The Right One In Coming to NYC

It began with a novel ten years ago. Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Obviously a Jim Morrisey fan. The novel became a bestseller, was marketed abroad under the English title Let Me In. Set in the Swedish suburb of Blackeberg, it tells of a very unusual friendship between two extremely lonely…

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Let The Right One In Redux!

Most fans of the blood-drinking undead agree John Ajvide Lindqvist created a modern classic with his novel Let The Right One In. His eerie, troubling and somehow sweet story of a lonely bullied child who finds friendship, maybe even love, with a vampire who moves next door became a best-seller. Lindqvist himself wrote the screenplay…

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Most Disappointing Vampire Flicks

Most folks agree the first vampire movie was almost certainly F.W.Murnau’s Nosferatu in 1922 (an earlier, extremely loose adaptation of Dracula is now lost). Over nine decades of the undead on film, with more than a few genuine classics along the way. But let us turn to something other than the greats. Not to the…

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Vampire Music Videos!

The whole idea of a musical based on Dracula or Interview With the Vampire or something like it feels “off” somehow. Probably because when we think of musicals the titles that come to mind include Oklahoma! or Guys and Dolls or some such lite fare. Images of Maria coming to Baron Von Trapp’s home to…

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Are Vampire Stories Sexist?

Consider the scene most expected in almost any vampire film. A supposedly virginal young woman opens her eyes in the middle of the night. She gets up, her translucent gown billowing slightly as she moves in the moonlight. Then she opens the window before returning to the bed, lying down in expectant terror. A fully…

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Do Human/Vampire Romances Make Sense?

Beyond doubt three of the most popular groups of vampire stories right now are the HBO series True Blood (based on the Sookie Stackhouse books), the network series The Vampire Diaries (based on novels of the same name) and the motion pictures based upon Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight.  A pervasive element in all three are possible…

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Vampire Movie Trivia: Part 3

Trivia time! As I have said in the past, I am a huge trivia junkie, I love me some totally useless bits of information (I rock at game shows). Due to my love of both trivia and vampires I thought we’d have another round of vampire movie trivia! An entire post dedicated to factoids about…

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Vampires in 2011

Now that it is 2012, perhaps it is time to take one last look back at the year that is gone? And the top vampire stories of those twelve months? Johnny Depp, Vampire! Quite apart from the fact that Johnny Depp is finally playing one of the Undead (it seems so odd that neither he…

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Things to Remember When Telling Vampire Stories

2011 nears its end, with 2012 to follow. Many the movie, novel, web comic and television series about the undead await us in the future–and if they deal with vampires let us offer a few gentle reminders. Past tellers have sometimes done marvelous examples of how to deal with the undead, examples that too often…

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Hammer Now Offers Iconic Artwork Prints

I’ve got some fangtastic news for the classic horror fans out there! Hammer Films is now offering prints of classic movies posters, as well as a few new ones. Everything from old school Dracula posters to modern posters from films like Let Me In are now available on their website! Hammer just launched an official…

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Vampires Dominate at the 2011 Scream Awards

Spike TV’s SCREAM Awards are back for its sixth year! The annual celebration honors the sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book genres and the actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry over the past year. This year’s nominees included many shows, films and actors we all know and love, including…

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