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10 Best Vampire Victims in Film

A superhero is nothing without an archnemesis.  Likewise each detective needs a crime.  For vampires, they remain pale-faced immortals without someone upon whom they feed–the Victim!  Behold a list of ten exemplary victims in vampire films.  Keep in mind the criteria here involves much more than a good bite.  That’d be a different list.  Here…

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Brad Pitt Opens Up About Miserable Role in ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Based on the dark and powerful novel by Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire is one of the most popular of all vampire films. Over 10 years after its release Interview continues to be one of the most beloved of vampire movies with new fans falling in love with this beautifully heartbreaking tale every day….

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Vampires are Just Like Us

Earlier I traced the history of vampire metaphor from “The Vampyre” by John Polidori–which more or less created the trope of an undead nightmare stranger–to the later visions of the vampires as an incarnation of sin. This last covered a spectrum of sin as temptation (especially in the Hammer films) to a search for redemption…

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Never Ending Emo Vampires

Let me set up the scene for you – you have the full moon shining down on the dark dismal cemetery and there, sitting upon an aged mausoleum is a vampire. This vampire is just sitting there staring into the nothing, brooding all serious-like. This here is your classic emo vampire, the vampire that sits…

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