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Will Thierry Return To Save Rebekah On ‘The Originals’

It’s been a rough season for Thierry, aka Marcel’s former right-hand vamp on The Originals.the night desk’s insight:Rebekah saved Thierry in the past from the damage Klaus rained down on him to get close to Marcel, but will he save her now from a fate …

5 Tips For Attracting A Hottie Victorian Vampire

So you want to attract a Victorian vampire, eh?the night desk’s insight:Now this is just awesome! Check out the tips and tell me what you think. I personally think I could not have come up with a better list than these guys did… and let’s face it, wh…


Top 10 Big Screen Vampires List

Top 10 Big Screen Vampires Mania As we grow closer to the most exciting season of the the year (Halloween), my proximity to the best of months weakens the resolve to save the best films for their proper time.the night desk’s insight:Here are some favo…

Is This Next Season’s ‘True Blood’ Star?

“According to Dad, this little guy just really loves ketchup. We’ll see about that when the humans have gone to sleep.”the night desk’s insight:Absolutely adorable. Just look at him.See it on, via vampires