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Malaysian Vampires

To most folks Malaysia is know for it’s beautiful beaches and it’s delicious food, but here on it is known for its unique and twisted vampire myths and legends. Bajang This is a male demon vampire that appears in the form of a pole cat and enjoys threatening children. The bajang can be enslaved…

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A Bloodthirsty… Doll?

We’ve come across a lot of totally crazy and ridiculous vampire myths and stories on this site, but this has to be one of the weirdest, or at least creepiest. I bring you the jenglot, a tiny living doll in Indonesian and Malaysian folklore. A jenglot is described as a living mummy or doll that’s…

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Bajang: Vampire Weasel

The Bajang was briefly mentioned in this article about vampire cats. The Bajang is a Malaysian demon cat! This vampire is often described as appearing in the form of a polecat, which is more like a weasel than an adorable, cuddly kitten. This weasel-like, cat-like creature will mew at the door of its intended victims,…

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Bottled Bloodsucker

This bloodsucker post is a little different from some of the others. We’re going back into the world of history and folklore, a land of devious and wicked dark magics. Today’s creature is that of the Malaysian polong, the polong is a vampiric bottle imp or an evil spirit used to do horrible things to…

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The Flying Head

Time again for another vampire myth. This particular vampire species differing greatly from the classic western image of a alluring caped being of the night. No, i’m afraid the Penanggalan is nothing like that at all. The Penanggalan is a dreadful vampire from Malaysia (different from the other Malaysian vampire I covered before). This is…

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Vampire Abilities and Flaws

The abilities of a vampire are numerous, and naturally depends on what vampire is in what area, for one to know what kind of things they might be capable of. For example; many species of vampire are not know to be able to fly, however, the bruxsa in Portugal, the lansuir in Malaysia, and aswang…

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