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Anne Rice on the Vampires of True Blood

Anyone that follows legendary vampire author Anne Rice on Facebook knows that she is quite the fan of True Blood and often voices her opinions on the show. Not too long ago she asked her fans a question on the vampires of True Blood, a question that got me thinking. “True Blood fans: Do you…

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3 Vampire Worlds We Wish We Could Live In

I bet every single one of us has at one point daydreamed about living in our favorite vampire world, be it one from a movie, book or show, we all have a little world to escape to. With so many choices,  which vampire universe do you choose? Here are my three picks: Laurell K. Hamilton’s…

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Descent into Dust: Review, Giveaway and Exclusive Interview with Jacqueline Lepore

Young widow Emma Andrews had grown up hearing the stories of her mother, a woman whose madness had sent her to an early grave and whose legacy Emma was forced to endure. Her mother’s daughter, her family always feared that someday Emma might go mad as well so it was with great reluctance that she…

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