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True Blood Sunday Presents: In Memorium (Part 1)

SPOILERS! Duh. If you haven’t seen both seasons yet, don’t read this. It will ruin it for you. But uh… be sure to Tweet it anyway. Over the last two seasons of True Blood, we’ve seen quite a few great, –and terrible, characters die. Some of them we expected to see for a much longer…

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True Blood, Season 2, Episode 11

At the Queen’s home, Bill greets the woman in the pretty dress on the floor, who is drinking blood from the inner thigh of a woman sprawled out on a piece of antique furniture that looks too expensive to be getting body fluids smeared all over it. Bill asks if he’s come at a bad…

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True Blood, Season 2 Episode 10

Sookie is walking down the long hallway at the Hotel Carmilla, after Godric’s death, and she stops at a door that is slightly ajar, then enters the room. Inside, Eric is sitting silent, with bloody tears on his face and shirtless chest, his head down. Eric states that Godric is gone, and Sookie tells him…

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