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Nightmare Classics “Carmilla”

As noted elsewhere at, at least two films based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire classic are on their way to movie theaters.  One, Styria, remains in post-production whereas The Moth Diaries is seeking a distributor. Time to take a look at the last major version of Carmilla maybe?  Why not? Nightmare Classics back…

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Why Lesbian Vampires?

For all practical purposes, the trope Vampire Lesbian emerged with Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s novella “Carmilla.” Eventually, with the rise of a new medium–motion pictures–an adaptation of that story appeared. “Crypt of the Vampire” became one of the still-relatively few such. The trope, however, could be seen in “Dracula’s Daughter” as well as the eerie “Vampyr.”…

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