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Where Are All the Lesbian Vampires?

Someone contacted us here and asked an interesting question–namely, where are all the lesbian vampires? In one way, this seems very nearly ridiculous. Almost to the point of whining! True Blood comes back in a couple of months, featuring a regular lesbian vampire character (Pam) who now looks to be in a relationship with another…

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Tropes That Need to Go Away

One problem any popular genre develops tends to be tropes that pervade too much of it all. In and of themselves, maybe they work. Often they work quite well. They can, anyway. But when we see the same thing over and over and over again, we enter into the realm of the cliche. So here’s…

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Review of The Moth Diaries 2012

This film will go into limited release April 20, but in the meantime is available SundanceNOW, Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes and XBox ZUNE. The Moth Diaries debuted at the Venice Film Festival last year to lukewarm reviews, an adaptation of Rachel Klein’s debut novel.  Given how highly that novel stands in my eyes, my…

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‘The Moth Diaries’ Trailer & Poster Finally Revealed

Based on the novel by Rachel Klein, The Moth Diaries goes into limited release this April.  Exactly one month earlier, on March 20, its studio Screen Gems makes the film available on VOD.  Evidence said studio doesn’t quite know how to market this film.  The trailer below gives some hint of why this might be….

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