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Your Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

After a short break The Vampire Diaries has returned! Yay! Episode 4.07, “My Brother’s Keeper,” just aired and it was another excellent episode, one packed full of Klaroline moments. Check out my thoughts on the episode below, and make sure to share yours as well. Official episode description for “My Brother’s Keeper:” “THE MISS MYSTIC…

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Extended Promo for The Vampire Diaries ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

Another episode of The Vampire Diaries is on the way! Sadly, because of Thanksgiving, the show won’t air this week. Sad face. Nope, episode 4.07, “My Brother’s Keeper,” won’t air until Thursday, November 29th. Which means we have a break from our beloved show. To tide you over until then check out the episode synopsis…

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