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Erin Westrate: Teen Vampire Obsession Gone Too Far?

When kids start accusing strangers of biting them, the fascination has obviously gone too far. Enter Erin Westrate, 17, who went to the movies to see the vampire film, New Moon, part of the Twilight film saga. The film is hugely popular on a now-global scale, and the vampire craze has become a worldwide phenomenon….

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The Vatican Hates Twilight

It turns out that the Roman Catholic Church is pretty anti-Twilight. Weird since I totally pictured the Pope chilling on his thrown reading about the star-crossed lovers and gushing to his cardinals about how he is totally team Jacob. Ok… serious now. The Roman Catholic Church has let known their concerns over the growing popularity…

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‘New Moon’ Interview and Video

More Twilight news! Yes, even more. Ok, it’s not so much news as it’s just more goodies for fans. MTV recently interviewed Michael Sheen, who plays the Volturi vampire Aro in the upcoming Twilight film, New Moon. MTV also premiered the latest New Moon trailer, which shows even more of the flick. The new trailer…

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