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Vampire Books Coming October 2014

October is finally here! There are a lot of great books coming out this month, check them out. Enjoy! Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (Oct 28, 2014) Rice once again summons up the irresistible spirit-world of the oldest and most powerful forces of the night, invisible beings unleashed on an unsuspecting world…

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‘The Originals’ Are Back Tonight!!!

After a week without our favorite new drama, it’s finally time for The Originals to return with a new episode.the night desk’s insight:The Originals return this evening at their normal time… (bout time), so make sure you tune in to see what the gang …


‘Interview With A Vampire’ Rejected 5 Times…What?!?

Author Anne Rice is doing what she does best: writing about the dark side.the night desk’s insight:Anne Rice tells the tale about N’orleans and her most famous book, which if you can believe it was rejected by publishers. How insane is that?!?! I can’…


Turn Yourself Into a Vampire With Photoshop

Now, as a vampire’s skin is pale, we need to remove the color from her face. To do this, we’re going to create a mask so that we can add color to the rest of the image.the night desk’s insight:Now this just looked awesome so we had to share. It’s just …


Hot Vampires, War And Shirtlessness

What can fans expect from the first season of “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals”? We’re so glad you asked!the night desk’s insight:Hot Vampires, war and shirtless, also known as The Orignals, coming to the CW and the unsuspecting town of N…


Vampire Books Coming Out in September

September is here, the start of the wonderful autumn season. I know it’s early, but I’m already looking forward to the changing leaves, and October just around the corner with pumpkins and Halloween and horror movies. Along with the hint of autumn, September is bringing us some wonderful new vampire books too! Dead of Night:…

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Non-Fiction Spotlight: The Romance of Dracula

The Romance of Dracula by Charles E. Butler is, in his own words, “a personal journey of the Count on celluloid.” I think that is a perfect way to describe this book, which is part film critique, part essay, and part personal reminiscence. Like Mr. Butler, I love the vampire film genre as well as…

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First Stills Released For ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spinoff ‘The Originals’

The Vampire Diaries won’t return for a month – a month! April 25th is the day the show comes back with an all new episode. But it’s not just any episode, it’s the big backdoor pilot episode for The Vampire Diaries spinoff – The Originals. It’s two for one, it’s a new Vampire Diaries episode,…

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Watch the Real Vampires of New Orleans

We have delved into the world of real vampires many a time here on We have discussed psychic vampires and the various types of energy they feed upon; we have also covered sanguinarian vampires, those who feed on the blood of willing donors in order to maintain health. But reading about the real vampires…

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New Vampire Film ‘Garden District’ in the Works

Another vampire film is on the way! Yay! Dimension Films recently announced that they are planning on bringing more vampires to the big screen with their upcoming movie Garden District. That’s right, vampires are coming back to New Orleans. Check out the details below! From the Press Release: “Dimension Films announced that it has acquired…

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5 Places to Have a Historic and Eerie Vampiric Adventure

My idea of a perfect vacation is a trip full of history, gorgeous architecture, and haunting landscapes. I adore ancient ruins taken over by nature, cemeteries so timeworn you can no longer read the names engraved upon the headstones, breathtaking castles and old cities and towns bursting with historic and stunning landmarks.  This is what…

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The Man Who Was Dracula

Actually giving birth to legends about oneself is no small feat. Yet Bela Lugosi (1882-1956) managed it. Much of the stories told about him are wrong, which coincidentally gives him something in common with Vlad the Impaler — there’s a lot about him treated as gospel but which are either untrue or at least disputable….

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